Artist Spotlight: Jun! — futuristic vibrance through image creation and manipulation

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2 min readOct 28, 2021


“Twin” (1/1) dropped on World Token

Jun is a Taiwan based digital artist dedicated to creating sharp and futuristic pieces through the use of photo manipulation and image creation. He adores creating surreal worlds in which anything can happen — allowing for his imaginative vision to take form. For Jun, this is his source of happiness, as if he is living in a dream and a place where his dreams can become reality.

Jun’s work with Mercedes-Benz

Jun specializes in using mainly Adobe Photoshop and has been honoured as a featured artist on their platform. Additionally, he has done designs for some of the most prestigious automobile makers in the world including Mercedes-Benz, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Infiniti & more. With all this experience, there’s undoubtedly a demand for his digital art and he has proven that by amassing a large social media following full of avid collectors.

“Lotus Forest” and “Natural Growth”, both 1/1s sold out on World Token drop

Beyond Jun’s commercial success, his entrance into NFTs has been nothing shy of incredible. His first drop after signing with The NFT Agency was released on World Token, an innovative and established NFT marketplace. His collection consisted of 4 pieces, with 3 for sale and 1 special piece being given away to loyal supporters on social media. The entire collection SOLD OUT! This goes to show how loyal Jun’s followers are — clearly a valuable asset in the NFT space.

“Airborne Auto”, a piece dropping on NFT on December 20th, 2021

What’s next for Jun? He is continuously dedicated to making his dreams become reality through his art. His next major drop comes on Dec 20th, 2021. He will be dropping an incredible 5 piece collection on NFT telling the remarkable story of “Cybertown”. Stay tuned for this, and any other drops from Jun by staying up to date with his or The NFT Agency’s socials.

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