The NFT Agency brings Taiwan based digital artist, Jun, to NFT’s NFT platform and marketplace has continued its dominance in the space day week after week. With exclusive drops being limited to one or two per day, their collections sell out within minutes and spread throughout the NFT community like wildfire. At The NFT Agency, we have been fortunate to partner with on many incredibly successful drops throughout 2021. We’re super excited to finish the year with another insane collection and debut, from the one and only, Jun!

Jun is a Taiwan based digital artist dedicated to creating sharp and futuristic pieces through the use of photo manipulation and image creation. He adores creating surreal worlds in which anything can happen — allowing for his imaginative vision to take form. For Jun, this is his source of happiness, as if he is living in a dream and a place where his dreams can become reality. Jun specializes in using mainly Adobe Photoshop and has been honoured as a featured artist on their platform. Additionally, he has done designs for some of the most prestigious automobile makers in the world including Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, Infiniti & more. With all this experience, there’s undoubtedly a demand for his digital art and he has proven that by amassing a large social media following full of avid collectors.

Jun presents “Welcome to Cybertown” as his debut collection on’s NFT platform. This collection features 5 futuristic, vibrant and incredibly detailed pieces outlining the story of a technological takeover.

After technology took over, they never looked back. It was impossible to. How could you not like the new world? Flying cars, beautiful cities and incredible celebrations every single night. It was a dream. That’s exactly right. It wasn’t real. Deep below the seemingly sensational Cybertown lay the old world. An abandoned world of poverty… and a community that would fight back.

His collection goes live on Wed, Dec 22 at 9pm EST. Make sure to have your wallets loaded and ready to buy at launch! They will go quick.

Check out the collection here.

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The NFT Agency is a turnkey solution for creators and collectors entering the NFT marketplace.

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The NFT Agency

The NFT Agency

The NFT Agency is a turnkey solution for creators and collectors entering the NFT marketplace.

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