The NFT Agency collaborates with Romanian fantasy artist, Adrian Rosco, on new drop

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2 min readDec 27, 2021


Week after week, has continued its dominance in the NFT space. Curating drops with incredible artists, brands and celebrities, The NFT Agency is excited to continue our amazing relationship with their marketplace and team. Next up: one of our first signed artists, an incredibly dedicated and talented digital artist, Adrian Rosco.

Adrian-Cristian Stef is a self taught digital artist from Romania nicknamed “Rosco”. His passion for art evolved from a simple interest and hobby, to a full career branching him to be a photographer and a writer too. The main goal he has is to stay humble, to remain the same space lover kid & all things fantasy enthusiast that started it all. Adrian’s upcoming collection, “A Stars Phantasma”, includes 4 incredibly magical pieces outlining the story of the ancient worlds.

Rosco’s second collection on, inspired by his oldest passion of space and sci-fi, aims to take you on an out-of-body journey through the wonders of the universe and the human mind. He believes that the universe should be best experienced through our eyes and that humanity’s ultimate goal could be interstellar travelling and exploration, all before this space itself devours us with its unknown coldness.

Venturing through the lost suns of ancient worlds and looking at sights unimaginable and incomprehensible to the mind itself, we see titans, red suns, otherworldly gods and beings. With the stardust that flows around them, it connects us all as it’s the only thing that we share in the forever of time.

His collection goes live on Tues, Dec 28 at 9am EST. Make sure to have your wallets loaded and ready to buy at launch! They will go quick.

Check out the collection here.

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