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6 min readJan 1, 2022

Another incredible month for The NFT Agency. Record setting collections, collaborations with new and exciting entrants to the NFT and crypto landscape, and the creation of some of the craziest art the world has ever seen. The Agency has continued its relationships with powerhouse marketplaces like and OpenSea, further providing our artists with exclusive and lucrative opportunities to bring their art to the masses. collections with Grammy nominated producer Murda Beatz and digital artists Gervisuals, Sameer Baloch, Jun, and Adrian Rosco have solidified the Agency’s roster of talent as the industry’s finest. It’s been a great month and we can’t wait for what 2022 has to bring for our artists and communities.

Here’s a quick recap of the highlights from the month of December.

Murda Beatz (10/12/21)

The self-taught 27-year-old, Grammy-nominated, Canadian trap prodigy has become one of the most sought-after producers in the music industry. In collaboration with The NFT Agency he took his brand and sick beats to the NFT space, with his curated collection of incredible “Baby Murda” based NFT pieces exclusively on

The Murda Beatz NFT Collection featured 5 incredible NFT collectibles starring his Baby Murda character in different scenes inspired by Murdaz everyday life. Each collectible featured a beat from the platinum-selling producer. From rolling down the palm tree-filled streets of LA to producing with the Migos in the studio watching BTC charts go to the moon, this collection captured it all.

Murda Beatz Highlights

  • Over $400,000 in total sales
  • 1,900+ editions minted
  • 7th highest selling NFT collection of all time on
  • Over $5,000 worth of crypto given away

Murda Beatz Social Links: Instagram / Twitter / Spotify

Gervisuals (01/12/21)

Germán Benito, a seasoned graphic designer emanating from Spain, has a fiery passion for producing remarkably unique pieces of art. This eternal desire for creating has remained an integral part of his life for as long as he can remember. Gervisuals has solidified himself as a premier artist and influential member of the NFT community through his innovative artwork and consistent execution. His dedication to his craft and ingenious techniques have lead to lucrative opportunities through digital art — like being featured by Photoshop, Wacom, and… twice.

“Powerful Portraits”, a 5 piece collection of carefully designed images, depict distinct characters full of independent existence and experience. This project chronicled the differing conditions and purposes of these characters through contrasting compositions of color and light.

Gervisuals Highlights

  • Over $150,000 in total sales
  • Sold out all packs in seconds
  • 800+ editions minted

Gervisuals Social Links: Instagram / Twitter

Sameer Baloch (06/12/21)

We were incredibly excited to provide yet another opportunity for Sameer to shine. The creator of the Laid Back Llamas, Sameer has been one of the most successful NFT artists of 2021 with now two drops on, and multiple sold out collections on OpenSea. This exclusive NFT collection titled “Leaders of the Metaverse” captures crypto’s favorite coins and tokens within the future of the Metaverse. From the land of Ether, to the Bitcoin Mines, all the way to Doge Mountain, enter into this incredible journey of the new Crypto World.

Sameer Baloch Highlights

  • Over $200,000 in total sales
  • 1,400+ total editions minted
  • Was in the Top 10 selling collections of all time on
  • $5,000 in CRO token given away

Sameer Baloch Social Links: Instagram / Twitter

Jun! (22/12/21)

Bringing our artists to platforms like allows them to thrive in front of a massive audience, and is truly something we pride ourselves on. For Jun, we were ecstatic to bring his debut drop to a marketplace like Jun is a Taiwan-based digital artist dedicated to creating sharp and futuristic pieces through the use of photo manipulation and image creation. He adores creating surreal worlds in which anything can happen, allowing for his imaginative vision to take form. For Jun, this is his source of happiness, as if he is living in a dream and a place where his dreams can become reality.

“Welcome to Cybertown”, a 5 piece collection chronicles the story of a technological city. Flying cars, beautiful cities and incredible celebrations every single night. It was a dream. But, deep below the seemingly sensational Cybertown lay the old world. An abandoned world of poverty… and a community that would fight back.

Jun Highlights

  • Over $100,000 in total sales
  • Limited editions sold out within seconds
  • 500+ editions minted

Jun Social Links: Instagram / Twitter

Adrian Rosco (28/12/21)

Adrian-Cristian Stef is a self-taught digital artist from Romania nicknamed “Rosco”. His passion for art evolved from a simple interest and hobby to a full career branching him to be a photographer and a writer too. The main goal he has is to stay humble, to remain the same space lover kid & all things fantasy enthusiast that started it all.

Rosco’s second collection, “A Stars Phantasma”, inspired by his oldest passion of space and sci-fi, aims to take you on an out-of-body journey through the wonders of the universe and the human mind. He believes that the universe should be best experienced through our eyes and that humanity’s ultimate goal could be interstellar traveling and exploration, all before this space itself devours us with its unknown coldness. The collection included 4 pieces, 3 of them limited editions.

Adrian Rosco Highlights

  • Over $100,000 in total sales
  • Limited editions sold out in seconds
  • 450+ editions minted for the open edition piece

Adrian Rosco Social Links: Instagram / Twitter

Again, thank you for your support in the month of December, and all of 2021. We appreciate each and every one of you collectors and artists apart of our family here at The NFT Agency. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for 2022!

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