The NFT Agency November 2021 Recap

Laid Back Llamas

Boss Llamas Highlights

  • #1 Trending on Opensea
  • Over 100 ETH ($450k) TVL
  • Minting price of 0.15 ETH
  • Floor is now 4.5 ETH
  • New Highest Sale of 5 ETH

Quiznos Drop (15/11/21)

Quiznos Highlights

  • $180,000 total sales
  • 4400+ editions minted
  • Portion of the proceeds donated to World Central Kitchen (WCK)
  • Top 15 collections of all time on

Death Row Records Drop (23/11/21)

Death Row Highlights

  • Over $400,000 total sales
  • 3,400+ editions minted
  • 6th highest selling NFT collection of all time on

A Thin Line Between Thanksgiving Drop (25/11/21)

Giving Thanks Highlights

  • Over $180,000 total sales
  • 1,600+ editions minted
  • Secondary sales of 5x mint price

Lucas Leon Tarot Connection Drop (30/11/21)

Tarot Connection Highlights

  • SOLD OUT all 90 editions in 2 minutes
  • Secondary market value has skyrocketed, 3–4x minting price
  • Some pieces listed for 10x minting price

6 Foot 4 Honda Drop (30/11/21)

Honda’s Helmets Highlights

  • Over $400,000 total sales
  • 6,000+ editions minted
  • $5,000 in CRO token being given away
  • 5 lucky buyers will receive a custom designed motorcycle helmet
  • 7th highest selling NFT collection on of all time

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