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5 min readDec 1, 2021

Wow! What an incredible month November has been for all of us at The NFT Agency. Our artists have continued to produce incredible collections and grow relationships within the NFT community, further cementing them as some of the most dominant creators in this space. The Agency team has maintained and developed incredibly valuable partnerships with some of the most dynamic and popular marketplaces, including NFT and OpenSea. Additionally, the team has created worldwide trending projects, like Laid Back Llamas, and curated wildly successful drops with brands like Quiznos and Death Row Records.

Here’s a quick recap of the highlights from the month of November.

Laid Back Llamas

Our first NFT PFP project has absolutely exploded. The dedication to quality, through our artist Sameer Baloch’s work, and focus on community and utility, has provided the project with an incredible following a month into its inception.

Before releasing the 7,000 generated Laid Back Llamas (coming at the end of 2021), we created a Genesis Edition collection of 100 manually created Boss Llamas. These have rocketed in value and popularity, along with the Laid Back Llama’s Discord reaching over 18,000 members, as well as Twitter/Instagram shooting past 10,000 followers.

Boss Llamas Highlights

  • #1 Trending on Opensea
  • Over 100 ETH ($450k) TVL
  • Minting price of 0.15 ETH
  • Floor is now 4.5 ETH
  • New Highest Sale of 5 ETH

Laid Back Llamas Social Links: Website / Discord / Twitter / Instagram

Quiznos Drop (15/11/21)

Becoming a global powerhouse franchise takes dedication, innovation and a knack for exploration into new frontiers. Quiznos did exactly that by partnering with The NFT Agency to release a crypto inspired NFT collection on titled “Out of This World”. Sameer Baloch, again, produced some jaw dropping sci-fi pieces that follow an Astronaut’s brave mission to different planets throughout the crypto galaxy with the purpose of introducing innovative and alternative methods of sustainability. The collection featured 5 pieces, all open edition, each based upon a popular cryptocurrency.

Quiznos Highlights

  • $180,000 total sales
  • 4400+ editions minted
  • Portion of the proceeds donated to World Central Kitchen (WCK)
  • Top 15 collections of all time on

Death Row Records Drop (23/11/21)

The hip hop giant once owned and operated by Dr. Dre and Marion “Suge” Knight, were instrumental in revolutionizing rap music that maintains relevance to this day. In celebration of their 30th anniversary, we teamed up with Death Row Records to release an exclusive NFT Collection that will also give holders a membership to the Death Row Crypto Club.

This drop featured 7 unique NFTs in total. 3 were the iconic Death Row Inmates molded by BTC, ETH & CRO. The final 4 were a collab with acclaimed NFT artist Tilla Vision that feature renditions of his popular ‘Lil Bitcoin character.

Death Row Highlights

  • Over $400,000 total sales
  • 3,400+ editions minted
  • 6th highest selling NFT collection of all time on

A Thin Line Between Thanksgiving Drop (25/11/21)

One of our most recent signings to the agency, Anthony Edward (aka. A Thin Line Between) was given the opportunity to produce a Thanksgiving based collection on We were ecstatic to provide Anthony with this drop. His son is everything to him — all his hard work goes towards providing a better life for his son. We’re so proud of the work he did for this collection and how incredibly successful it was! Giving Thanks, a 4 piece collection of carefully crafted designs, depicts the gorgeous nature and wildlife in our environment, offering us a chance to reflect on our surroundings with care.

Giving Thanks Highlights

  • Over $180,000 total sales
  • 1,600+ editions minted
  • Secondary sales of 5x mint price

A Thin Line Between Social Links: Instagram / Twitter

Lucas Leon Tarot Connection Drop (30/11/21)

We were super happy to provide Lucas Leon with a drop as he has been consistently producing incredible pieces week after week. His drop titled “Tarot Connection: The Fool, The Magician & The Sun” was released as an exceptionally exclusive and rare collection, with just 90 editions being minted in total, 30 per piece. These pieces are influenced by cards of the Tarot deck, from where he brings his own interpretations. His work brings us questions about life and the choices that are in front of us, that we can take to increase understanding and authentic vitalism of ourselves.

Tarot Connection Highlights

  • SOLD OUT all 90 editions in 2 minutes
  • Secondary market value has skyrocketed, 3–4x minting price
  • Some pieces listed for 10x minting price

Lucas Leon’s Social Links: Twitter / Instagram

6 Foot 4 Honda Drop (30/11/21)

We were ecstatic to bring 6 Foot 4’s daredevil attitude to the NFT space. His incredible dedication to breakneck speeds, engaging and innovative content and quality production has solidified himself, and his brand, as a remarkable spectacle. His drop on titled “Honda’s Helmets” features 5 unique helmets, within his vault, with a distinctive cryptocurrency and individualized design. The drop has been absolutely crushing so far, with only a few hours left.

Honda’s Helmets Highlights

  • Over $400,000 total sales
  • 6,000+ editions minted
  • $5,000 in CRO token being given away
  • 5 lucky buyers will receive a custom designed motorcycle helmet
  • 7th highest selling NFT collection on of all time

6 Foot 4 Honda’s Social Links: Twitter / Instagram / Youtube

Again, thank you for your support in the month of November. We appreciate each and every one of you collectors and artists apart of our family here at The NFT Agency. We can’t wait to show you what we have in store for December!

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